Watching over the Sheep

Trudy Sheep_PerfectlyClearTrudy does a lot of work maintaining the sheep. All her spare time is put into the sheep and the pastures they are on. When she is not around she is continually thinking about what she needs to do next to keep the sheep healthy and happy.

Since her dogs are key partners in her quest to take care of the sheep, I thought this photo was a fitting tribute to them.

Yellow-bellied Marmot

DSC_0125_PerfectlyClearA Yellow-bellied Marmot up at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch in Alberta. It is interesting watching the social interactions of Marmots. I enjoy watching their behaviors but I also find their appearance appealing. I like their hair colors and how they combine.

This one was photographed in early spring so likely not long out of hibernation. There were not a lot of others visible that day. My Dad was up there the other week and said there was a bunch of them around now.

Zed, the Rough Collie

DSC_0239_PerfectlyClearI enjoy watching different types of dogs work. This Rough Collie Is Zed, owned by Sally Wells. I thought it interesting watching him work sheep on a windy day so had to get a photo. I have to wonder if the wind made the sheep lighter that day or if it was the added motion in his coat that cause the difference.