Kuawarri V V Aider

DSC_0010Vaider loves life. He has to be the happiest dog I have ever had. When we are out he wants to be with me but he does not want to sit and relax; if we are together he wants to be doing something. If a dog could be the Energizer Bunny, Vaider would be the only choice.

Vaider loves to work. He will work as long as there is work to do. I have been amazed at the effort he puts into his work at the beginning of the day as well as at the end. When I am done he is asking what next. In my horses and my dogs I want ones that give all they have even when tired (I hate it when they hold effort back), Vaider does not hold anything back. I have been in situations that all the dogs with us are wore out and we still have work to do; Vaider is still there with me giving his all (often the last dog standing).

He is referred to as the perfect child. Vaider does not like to be wrong. He is always trying to please. He is so this way that even as a pup he never offered to get carried away with the livestock…. always the perfect child. He takes the perfect child image to the extreme when he will jump a fence if asked but put him behind one and he waits to be let out or called out.

His example makes me try to be happier with my life (I mean he lives with me and he is still happy and I do not have it THAT bad ).

Vaider Herding
Vaider Herding

Watkinsons Chuck Cheemo

Chuck one year old
Chuck one year old

Watkinsons Chuck Cheemo.

I liked Chuck from the moment I saw him. I was looking at some pups but I thought he was not available. I told Trudy I wished he was an option since none of the others caught my attention like he did. When Karen told me he was an option I knew the pup I was taking home.

He is a very personable dog; liking to be with me no matter what I am doing.

Chuck has just turned two. I am looking forward to working and trialing him. He has some big expectations placed on him.

Chuck is fast becoming one of those dogs that impacts who you are.DSC_0434-Edit