I was inspired by a quote on facebook about the things people will change to work with their horses. In the end, the quote comes about to state they forget to change themselves. I wish I could find the quote so I could give it here but you get the idea.

I wanted to set up a photo shoot to portray my twist of the thought with dogs. I still want to so that shoot, I just have not figured out how to show it in a single photo yet. While working on some photo post processing I decided to try a composite. Here is the draft of what I came up with.


We are changed by the interaction we have with people and animals all the time. Sometimes we have to change to make those interactions better and more meaningful. When the lives we choose to interact with make us angry, frustrated, bitter, etc., it is time for us to change, not  be changed.

Sometimes changing the first two parts of this (the trainer or the dog) is part of changing ourselves; more often, it is an excuse to not change.

When we are changed by the lives in our life we are allowing ourselves to be changed. When we are BETTER for the lives in our life we had to change ourselves.



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