Really, its not you! As I work with different people one of the most common things we deal with is discouragement. Often the discouragement is the result of looking at the low points of our progress. Trust me, unless you stop learning, the low points in your progress are not who you are.

Lets graph it:


Your high moments are “feel good moments”. They are important because they keep you motivated. They are not an indicator of where you are but an indicator of what you can become. If you notice, feel good moments are often followed by a drop in progress. Why would that be? The answer is simple; most often when people hit those feel good moments they often quit learning. They feel good about what they have accomplished and back off to enjoy the moment. Sometimes the feel good moment is followed by a drop because you started to learn something new.

Your low moments are actually your understanding moment or as labeled your learning moment. Putting things together slows progress until you understand. Once you gain an understanding of the principle you are trying to learn, progress gains on a steep incline. This is because once you hit that learning moment it is combined with all your other learning moments. This gives a better understanding of not just that principle, but all you have learned up to that moment. The low moments can be stressful but it is the stress that can actually motivate you to strive to understand.

We see people get discouraged at two different points: 1) as mentioned is the decline before they reach their learning/understanding  moment. 2) when they do not experience the highs and lows.

People who progress at a slow steady rate often do not see their progress. They get discouraged because they do not have moments that stand out that they will compare to. It is only when those people do something different (like working a different dog, see video of where they were, etc) are they able to understand how far they have come.

Be happy for the peaks and valleys. They do not indicate success and failure, rather they indicate potential and learning. Savor your learning moment and the work it takes to get there. Enjoy your feel good moment and the  glimpse at your potential.

Always remember; you are neither your high or your low moments. You are somewhere between the two on your progression to Great Accomplishments!

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