Vaider is soon to be 10 years old. It seems he is beginning to slow down. The dog I knew as the energizer bunny is not as energized as he once was.

Now don’t get me wrong. He is not done. Things just takes a little longer than they use too. He is a little slower to heal and a little more likely to need to when he’s not careful.

Vaider has always worked steady. He does not rush his work though he does tend to do most of it with vigor. His off time is when he has not had the time for slow and steady.  Young dogs love to play with Vaider and he loves to play with them. He is full on with the youngsters, not really considering that he is not one anymore.

Vaider is on to raising his second young pup; or occupying him anyway.  It is interesting to watch the interactions he has with these young dogs. He is still young in so may ways that show up when playing with the other dogs.

It is hard to see the old go to dogs getting old. So exciting to see the up and coming start to step into those shoes.

As we compare old and young, each has their strengths and weaknesses. I sit to wonder which to I prefer. The answer is actually simple…. I’ll take both Please!


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