DSC_0018-3_PerfectlyClearSpending time with Ty the other day, my thoughts went to the old. They have so much experience that we take for granted. They have seen things that some of us will never get to see. Some of their experiences they likely hope we never have to experience. They have fought to live and make a life for their children, grandchildren and beyond.

As they age we begin to tell them to take the time off, enjoy life. The unfortunate part of it is sometimes they do not want to retire and enjoy life; they already have been enjoying life, working and watching the ones they love be happy.

Time progresses and we start to tell ourselves that it is too much to ask of them to come be with us. They do not care about the pain and discomfort it causes them they just want to be there to experience the joy they sacrificed so much for.

We begin trying to take care of them not realizing they have spent so much time taking care of us that it is hard for them to accept it the other way around. We get angry when they try to do things themselves because it cause us more work; forgetting all they times we inconvenienced them over the years

They try to pass on their experience with stories and we try to avoid the conversation because they have already told us that one.

As I watch Ty in retirement; he still gets up in anticipation when I approach him. He works to keep up on our walks and even though it is difficult for him. It is more work to take him out for the longer walks as he gets sidetracked and I end up having to go back to find him; he just looks at me as if to say, “why were you worried, I’ve been here before”.

My faithful friend; I hope he never feels that he is a burden. Even though his body is aging I hope he always feels he is a resource and a help.  Lastly I hope he can enjoy his well deserved retirement.

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