Have you ever sat at the end of the day and wondered,  why do you do what you do? Are you good enough? Is it worth it?

As I work with people and their stockdogs, this is a question that frequently crosses my mind. Some days everything just goes right and I’m sure I’m helping people and dogs. Then…well then there are the days when it feels like I can not help anyone or get anything good from the dogs I work. No matter how hard I try, people just don’t seem to understand and dog don’t seem to want too.

Over the years one of the things I have discovered is; those days that feel like no one understands are often the days they learn the most. The days it seems like your dogs are not understanding are more often then not the days they gain the most understanding.

It is hard to see at the moment.  The frustration can make it difficult to see through the struggle. It is often only by looking back that you see the progress.

When people tell me about their old dogs who were perfect, who never caused trouble. They see the dog as it is now and have forgotten the days that they could not see a good dog ever developing. I have been in this position myself. I remember one time telling someone my top dog had never done some things. It was not long after I was watching a video of that dog as a youngster. There he was doing just about everything I had been telling people he had never done. Time had erased in my memory of my little hissy fits and the struggles teaching that got him there.

The hard days were actually the set up for the good days. If I had only had the good days I would not have learned. Sure that would make everything enjoyable but the enjoyment would soon fade as we would have to look for a higher high. The days that make you wonder are the days that keep you grounded. They are actually the days that allow you to see and appreciate the successes.

So if you had a day that made you think “Some Days”; go take a seat with your favorite beverage, call your dog to your side, give them a pat and thank them.

Always remember: Some days are what make Some day possible.

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