DSC_0026While by Watrous Saskatchewan, in the fall, I love to see the Sandhill Cranes. It is always a thrill to watch them hop and interact with each other. When I get to hear them call as they fly, I am filled with excitement. As they fly south with their stopovers, to eat and rest, they give us a chance to share their beauty.

The small things that mean one thing to some, can mean so much different to another. What signals winter on its way can also signal a new adventure.

Each day we work our dogs we get to see success and struggle. Each of our struggles can be like the signals of winter to the Cranes. We can take them, use them as an opportunity to train and learn; then share the beauty of working dogs and livestock with others that do not get to go on the journey with us (and some that do). After we train through the struggle, the same situation then becomes success, just like the Cranes migrating north, on the same path as they took south, signals spring.

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