DSC_0361I have been thinking about the way I look at things lately. The thing I realize about myself is I am a detail person.

When I am working herding dogs I focus on each little detail. I notice all these little things that make the whole process work.

This makes it hard when I judge because I am always feeling the moments and do not sit back and look at the whole picture. This sometimes makes people not sure how to take me and consider me harsh or judgmental. I do feel that it makes me more consistent and fair but sometimes the scores are not as high as some may like.

As a competitor it is to my advantage since viewing the little details help me deal with the moments more effectively. It does however make me notice the things I did not like about my run and take them more personally. After a run, even if I know it is a good run, I will review in my mind everything that I did wrong. Often I can not talk to people about the run until I have processed the little details and can put the whole thing into perspective in my mind.

As a photographer I find that I like to crop tight and emphasis a single or small number of details. I work to get as close to a subject as I can so I can capture these little details. I have found that I will delete work if I am not close enough because the photo will not let me focus on the little details.

In both aspects I am just beginning to be able to see how all the little details, when put together, are great and fascinating. The details can be the picture or the process but it is only one of the stories that can be told

When we look at things only on a whole or as only a detail we are missing out. If we focus on the whole we can be caught accepting subpar work because it told the story. If we focus on the details we can become so focused that we forget the reason for the story.

One day I am hoping that I will notice the details, both good and bad, but do not sacrifice the whole picture because I get too focused. I also hope that as I learn to see the whole that I do not forget the details. I think, when we can combine both the details and the whole picture, we can truly become good at what we do.

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