A friend of mine took a photo a number of years back. It was my dogs lined up at the edge of my pick up against the tailgate. They were waiting to get out of the pick up. I have for years taught my dogs that if the tail gate is up they are to stay in. I would like to say they are perfect but….

The dogs in the photo were my first Kelpies. They were, Austin, Ty, and Vaider. Tonight my current group gave me a chance at a similar photo.

In this photo we have: Watkinsons Chuck Cheemo,  Kuawarri’s Vaider, and Double V Bull.

I find it fascinating to see the ages together. To look back to see Vaider as the young  dog in the one photo and the old dog in this one. The differences between the individuals and especially to see the difference age makes in an individual. Life with stock dogs is full of fascinations and discovery.

These dogs are use to being on the road with me. They travel most everywhere I go.  A good stock dog is not much use waiting at home.

I feel lucky to be able to be able to spend time with them even if it is not as much as I would like. They are handy to have around and patient in their waiting on me.

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