This will be a little out of order simply because I do not have Vaider’s runs up yet.

Chuck has a litter on the ground and actually at their homes. They are 10 weeks old now. I have been asked about video of Chuck but all I have had is photos. Trudy was nice enough to video Chucks Pro/Nov run at McDonalds Winter series in Washington the other week.

The pro/nov is the level between novice and open at USBCHA trials. It is not sanctioned by the USBCHA but is often run to allow young dogs not ready for Open to gain some experience on the trial field. USBCHA actually only sanctions Open and Nursery; but, back to Chuck.

Chuck is a big moving dog. This helps him cover ground well.  He is not bred for trials but for cattle work. I find selecting dogs bred for ranch work tend to work better for me. He does show some style at times but it is not the only way he works. He is well able to vary how he works, making him a pretty versatile worker.

When working a dog at a trial we tend to work the dog to save points. This sometimes means more commands, more precise movements,  harder turns, or more stops to name a few. I always want my dogs to work as natural as possible but will tend to take a little more control in a trial then I would just working.

At this trial Chuck tied for first place but ended up second. The tie was broke by the out work. We lost more point on that part of the course so, second place.

Click on the link to watch Chuck’s run –


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